Wednesday, April 23, 2008

David Cameron's ridiculous speaking habits

I think it was ITV's Headcases which first highlighted to me David Cameron's overuse of alliteration and repetition. It is now getting to the point where Cameron is sounding ridiculous.

Take this section of his remarks from today's PMQs:

It is always about politics, not policy. It is always about calculation, not conviction. It is always about his self-interest, not the national interest.

It's pathetic. He's forcing his speech to be alliterative and, in the case of the last sentence, repetitive.

Along with his annoyingly strained, posh, clever dick sixth form prefect voice he sounds ludicrous and is losing, if he ever had, any seriousness due to his light-weight smarmy delivery.

If he actually just lowered his voice, calmed down a bit and used a couple of reasonably sensible sentences, without trying to find a soundbite, he would do himself a lot more good.

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