Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton "coup" would 'lose the Black American vote for the Democrats'

Thanks to the Free Think blog for an excellent assessment of The aftermath of Pennsylvania. In particular, Mark Bell links to a really excellent article by Dylan Loewe on the Guardian's Comment is Free entitled Hillary's new inevitability.

Loewe outlines why Clinton cannot win without an anti-democratic act by the super-delegates which would destroy, at a stroke, her "electability" anyway. He points out that a super-delegate coup for Clinton, reversing the popular vote and the delegate vote in the party's primaries/caucases, would be a historic betrayal of the Black American vote, on which the Democrats rely, which would lead to a probable permanent schism in the Democrat coalition:

Since Franklin Roosevelt, no Democrat has won the White House without the loyal support of the African-American community. But having watched the potential first black president denied his rightful chance to compete by party insiders may sever that loyalty permanently. The activist base of the Democratic party, which has been at the core of the remaking of the political landscape, will likely also be rocked by a Clinton coup. If the superdelegates nominate her, it will rip the base of the party in half and destroy the extraordinary progress that the Obama movement - and the Dean movement before it - has produced. Even if she is more electable before their decision, she will be unelectable after.

But hey, it's OK, because dear old Bill Clinton has worked out a way that Hillary is in fact well ahead in the nomination race:

"If we were under the Republican system, which is more like the Electoral College, she'd have a 300-delegate lead here."

Dream on Billy Boy.

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