Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The moral question of dinner party invites

The grandly-named "Morality panel" at BBC Radio Berkshire was in my diary, and that of my good lady wife, today.

Nicki Whiteman, who hosts the 1pm-4pm show on our local Oracle, is an exquisite broadcaster who ought to have a show on Radio 2 (Cheques payable to P.Walter....).

The questions which came up were, as usual, quixotic:

Should prisoners get a pay rise ?

....Er.... yes.

Should Page Three continue ?

....Er.... yes.

Is it OK to ask for a pay rise ?


What should we do if we can't invite some of our friends to our dinner party? Will they be offended ? Should we tell them ?

...Er, invite the rest to a dinner in a few months times. If they are offended - hard cheese and they'll probably find out anyway, so don't bother to tell them.

I wonder whether the latter question is indicative of Berkshire, perhaps. I hope not.

-Children are dying of starvation all over the place.

-Glaciers are melting, promising impending doom to those most unable to cope with it.

-Food prices are rising, so that my friend in Kenya, for example, has to restrict himself and his family to one meal per day.

But the topic of conversation in Berkshire is: How do we appease those we have offended by not inviting to our dinner party?

Excellent. Well done, team.

Sorry if I am getting needlessly cutting in my old age....

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