Monday, April 21, 2008

Nick Clegg pledges a pony for every child

Hello I'm Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats.....I pledge a pony for every child that will be gold and do spells, and we'll all live in windmills, and ride gingerbread trains and instead of money we'll all be paid in hugs.

That was the statement from the "LibDem leader" on last night's Headcases (all right - I took a bit out where I have inserted "....."!)

You can see the programme here on ITV Catch up for the next 29 days. You can't cheat by fast forwarding. The Clegg bit is at the start of the seond half.

It's a great programme and I see ITV seem to have invested heavily in it. Both Rory Bremner and Jon Culshaw are on the voice credits.

I like Prince Phillip as Dick Dastardly myself. And Heather Mills as Medusa is a hoot.

I think Nick Clegg can be flattered by the attention. Such animation isn't cheap.

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