Monday, April 21, 2008

Have the Republicans decided that Obama has won the Democrat nomination ?

My guess for Pennsylvania tomorrow?

Clinton will win and the slugfest will continue. It seems Obama cannot land a knock-out blow but the "points count" already shows an insurmountable lead for him. The polls show continuous leads for Hillary in Pennsylvania, which appear to have strengthened for her in the last couple of days. But, a last minute voter registration surge is helping Obama.

It's all getting very fraught. Obama is spending a fortune in Pennsylvania. The ante has been upped with Clinton's campaign calling Obama a "hypocrite" (sounds a bit petulant/sour grapey to me) and Obama attacking Clinton for being a Washington insider.

And Nancy Pelosi is getting ready to apply pressure to foreshorten the Democratic nomination race.

One fascinating development is that the Republicans appear to be going for Obama in a big way. Both McCain ("Hamas wants Obama") and Mitt Romney (revving up for the Vice Presidential ticket (?) by taking a swipe at 'elitist' Obama). I think Obama campaign can take this attention as a compliment.

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