Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The full Brazilian

It's a reasonably exciting title. But I haven't had a wax. This is merely an excuse to mention that I have been sweating away at delivering Foci/Focii (not sure whether it is fourth declension) in Reading and that Councillor Gareth Epps of that parish recommended an excellent Brazilian cafe and delicatessen in Silver Street. In turn, I would recommend it to anyone who goes within a mile or so of Reading. It's called Pau Brasil and I can do no better than repeat the comment of Faye on the Reading Guide:

29/10/2007 Pau Brasil Café Delicatessen By Faye:

I have been to Portugal nearly every year of my life and to find a little cafe like this specialising in some of the products stocked in local markets on portuguese streets was so sweet and exciting. This cafe is friendly and it's mismatch of furniture and strange position makes it even better place to grab a delicious coffee whenever I can. So much to choose from on the menu, I recommend it all. A proper little treasure!

They also do a fantastically exotic range of fruit smoothies.

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