Saturday, February 2, 2008

Channel 4 News and political families

Once again, I am probably waking up to something which has been common knowledge for donkey's years, rather like my favourite Deputy Dawg character, Vince Van Gopher. After some almighty ruccus had kicked off, Gopher would belatedly pop up from beneath the ground and say: "What happened Muskie?"

Anyway, I have only just realised that Katie (And now now here's Katie with more of today's developments) Razzall on Channel 4 News is Tim and Deirdre Razzall's daughter. The only reason I mention it is that one of her predecessors in the "and now here's..." chair was Sarah Smith, the daughter of the late Labour leader John Smith.
So there appears to be a bit of a political dynastic thing going on with news round-up presenter on Channel 4 News. All we need is a third politically dynastic Channel 4 news reporter and it will make a decent Trivial Pursuit question.

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