Sunday, February 10, 2008

More pressure for the Tories on funding

The Tories are under pressure regarding funding on at least three fronts in the papers today:

David Davis is facing an Electoral Commission enquiry over a £20,000 donation to his campaign team. No comment so far from Iain Dale...

Michael Ancram is under fire for claiming £22,030 for painting and removing moss from his country home.

And the long-running saga of Lord Ashcroft's tax affairs has come to a head as the leader of the Tories in the Lords has ruled the Tories' moneybags that "he must come clean about his tax status". The Mail story talks of a "stand-off" between Cameron and Ashcroft and says Cameron is backing "tough new laws" which would deprive Ashcroft of his peerage unless he makes it clear that he pays UK taxes.

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