Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No fuggin' evidence

Mohamed Al Fayed. Where to start? If you want some entertaining late-night reading, get hold of a copy of Fayed: The Unauthorised Biography by Tom Bower. It is very difficult to take the man seriously after reading of all his "fuggin" outbursts and, shall we say, distributive tendencies with cash.

It is a scandal that this man's fantasies have led to millions of pounds of public money being spent to prove what we knew in the first place. Diana's death was an accident. All those millions could have been spent on learning lessons from people's deaths which would save other lives.

Instead, the Diana inquest will tell us two things we have known for decades:

Don't drink and drive.

Belt up.

There was a little incident outside the court yesterday which sums up the whole charade.

Al Fayed was asked by a reporter:

"What evidence do you have that Diana was pregnant?"

Al Fayed replied:

"What evidence?"

Just freeze the movie there a moment. In answer to the question "What evidence do you have?", Al Fayed asks "What evidence?" In other words, he hasn't got any evidence or doesn't know of any. So, my goodness me, you can almost hear Al Fayed's brain ticking over. "Crikey! How I am going to get out of this one"....."I know I'll fall back on the old reliable 'you're an idiot reporter working for MI6' routine". So that's what he said:

"You're an idiot reporter working for MI6".

That told him!

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