Friday, February 22, 2008

Disgraceful remark by Cameron: Auschwitz trips are "gimmick"

The Guardian reports:

David Cameron was branded "sick and ignorant" today and urged to apologise for describing school trips to Auschwitz as a headline-grabbing "gimmick".
The Tory leader sparked a major political row when he condemned educational visits to the concentration camp to teach pupils about the Holocaust.
Cameron told a Conservative "North West Conference" in Bolton that Gordon Brown's government was obsessed with gimmicks that "grabbed the headlines but amounted to nothing".
Number four on the list of 26 government gimmicks he cited was "trips to Aushwitz".

I think this is quite wrong and a mis-judgment by Cameron. He should apologise. It is quite right to encourage school trips to Auschwitz. To call them a "gimmick" is disgraceful.

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