Sunday, February 3, 2008

Two Tory MPs claim £30,000 a year "rent" on flat their family owns

It is a fasicnating dodge:

A husband-and-wife MP couple have claimed £165,000 in Commons expenses for their £700,000 second home six years after they paid off their mortgage.
Tory politicians Sir Nicholas and Ann Winterton switched their fashionable London apartment to a family trust and used their parliamentary allowances to avoid death duty.
Using a loophole in Commons rules, they claim more than £30,000 a year in "rent" from the public purse, which is paid to a family trust set up for their two children.

The extraordinary arrangement has allowed them to benefit in two ways.
Their family has obtained £165,826 in "rent" for a home which they bought outright in 2002. And they stand to make a saving of up to £280,000 in their death-duty liability.

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