Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nick Clegg places education at the centre of his leadership

Nick Clegg has got a new video on You Tube - below. This time it's about education.

Once again, Nick shows his passion to make sure that children from less well-off families don't get left behind. He talks about the Netherlands where they give money to schools for children from less well-off families. He emphasises the need to avoid selection:

Greater justice in the way money is administered, getting rid of selection and providing local communities in the way their schools are run - a recipe for a more Liberal education system which gives all children - not just some children - a head start in life.

Nick is obviously putting education right at the centre of his leadership in a way that neither Ming nor Charles did.

It is obvious that he feels passionately about getting the right education for all our children, and is determined to show real action to move this forward.

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