Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nick Clegg has written a novel

Here's a trio of fascinating facts garnered from a detailed trawl of today's Observer:

Nick Clegg has written a novel:

'It was a classic, late-adolescent outpouring of slightly maudlin, melancholy, pretentious thoughts,' he says, 'about an old man sitting in a room alone, once a powerful figure in the society, but now abandoned by everyone.'

Pendennis cruelly comments: "And they still claim he did not plan the demise of Ming Campbell..."

Stephanie Flanders, highly astute economics editor for the BBC (she has just taken over from Evan Davis, who has moved to Today) is the daughter of the Flanders part of Flanders and Swann (who have recently been parodied by Armstrong and Miller, by the way).

And lastly, Evan Davis' nickname is "tinsel tits".

Thanks to the Media section for those last

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