Monday, February 11, 2008

Where a lot of the stuff on eBay comes from....

It's John Pye & Son, auctioneers in Nottingham. They sell off unwanted nearly new items from electrical retailers for knock-down, sold-as-seen prices. Epson or HP printers at £1. DAB radios foir £5. Vacuum cleaners are three for £5 etc etc

Guardian Money has the full SP on this. It is interesting what sells for a good price and what they can hardly give away:

Dirt cheap category: Printers, Digital phones, shredders, portable DVD playes and vacuum cleaners.

Sought after category: LCD tellies and Apple iPods. The latter go for only a tad short of what you would pay in the shops for them.

According to MD Adam Pye, their business was going a bit stale until eBay came along and then it really took off. They have people coming along taking away truckloads of the stuff to stick on eBay as "still in the box" and "unwanted gift".

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