Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yes, Clarkson talks manure, but that's no reason to invade his privacy

A load of manure has been dumped on Jeremy Clarkson's lawn. It was done by some Eco-protestors in protest at his "blasé" attitude to climate change.

I would never leap to Clarkson's defence on virtually anything save his entertainment value. He's got a very amusing stock-in-trade and I enjoy his programmes and books. But I recoil from his views on climate change. Of course I do. But, he is an entertainer. He entertains very well. He can get away with dodgy views because it's Clarkson.

So come on, you Eco-protesters. You're being silly. Clarkson and his family are entitled to their privacy. I am sure that Jeremy Clarkson himself will enjoy all this and write lots of amusing columns about it. But he's got a thing called a family. It's not on, invading his privacy and, I think I am safe in assuming, his family angst at night. "Is that sound someone in the garden with another load of shit manure?"

One point though. Consider these words from the Sky report:

The wrought-iron gates opened automatically and they proceeded to dump their bags of manure over the garden and driveway.

The gates opened automatically? What is the point of gates if they open automatically?

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