Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tory and Labour MPs earn up to 630 times more per hour than their constituents

The Mail on Sunday has an intriguing list (above - click on it to enlarge) of what MPs earn per hour on jobs outside parliament compared with the average hourly rate for their constituents. Patrick Cormack eat your heart out. The list shows the Top 40 who are all Labour and Tory MPs with one exception (Plaid Cymru). Take dear old Michael Gove. He earns £1437 an hour for four hours work writing articles - that 127 times the average hourly pay rate of his constituents. William Hague earns 114 times his constituents for advising a board meeting. John Gummer earns 630 times his constituents' hourly rate - £4,999 based on 20 minutes work on a conference call for which he was paid £1,666.

Also, surprise, surprise, Patrick Cormack is on the list! The very man who said recently that MPs pay should be doubled earns £191 an hour for advising a restoration firm - 21 times his average constiuent.

These figures do take hourly rates for very small lengths of activity and don't include preparation work, for example, for a board meeting.

But they certainly shoot the canard about MPs being hard done by (at least for this forty MPs and others like them with generously remunerated outside jobs)!

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