Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cameron's disgraceful point-scoring

While dear old Irfan seems to have disappeared up his own exhaust pipe on the issue, Caron's Musings continues to provide an excellent commentary on the Al Meghari episode. It is utter nonsense to suggest that Al Meghari was "set free for oil". The Prisoner Transfer Agreement was what it says on the tin. A Prisoner transfer agreement. Al Meghari would have been transferred to a Libyan jail under its terms. Not set free. And, in any case, as Caron points out, the application for transfer under that agreement was rejected by Kenny MacAskill.

I really am sick of this whole furore going on and on. David Cameron says Brown should express a view and says the release was wrong. Der. So he's going to revoke the Devolution Act when he comes into power is he, the disgraceful point-scoring numpty? Would he ditch all the UK's compassionate jail release rules when convenience and Daily Mail headlines suit him? Yes, it seems. What a disastrous Prime Minister he would be.

Jim Swire, who lost his daughter, Flora, in the Lockerbie crash, made the only remaining valid point of this whole sorry mess in a letter to the Times published today:

So al-Megrahi has gone home and questions surround the propriety of his going. What about the question of his guilt? The official UN observer of the trial, Professor Hans Koechler of Vienna, has described the trial as a travesty of justice and the verdict as untenable. Even the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission decided there might have been a miscarriage of justice. The questions that are important to UK relatives of the Lockerbie victims are these: who was really behind the bombing? How was it carried out? Why did the Thatcher Government of the day ignore all the warnings it got before Lockerbie? Why did it refuse even to meet us to discuss the setting up of an inquiry? Why was the information about the Heathrow break-in concealed for 12 years so that the trial court could not hear of it till after the verdict?

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