Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tories: To hell with schools and hospitals but save General Election night!

So, first of all, Georgie Osbourne refuses, in April, to ring-fence schools spending from any cuts in any future Conservative government scenario. Schools spending will receive a "shake-up" he said. In other words, it's back to the bad old days of the 80s and 90s when school governors didn't have a penny to scratch their bums with. We can expect, with reasonable probability, cuts in schools spending by a future Conservative government.

Now Andrew Lansley says that the Conservatives will set a limit on future NHS spending - meaning only small increases, amid warnings from professionals that this will mean ward closures and will "feel like a cut".

So schools and the NHS will, in all probability, suffer under a Tory government.

But don't worry. There's good news for us anally retentive political nerds! Eric Pickles has effectively committed that a future Conservative government will spend extra money to ensure that all votes are counted straight away the night after the polls close on General Election.

Britain - safe in the Tories' hands!

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