Friday, September 4, 2009

Juicy contents of Ted Kennedy's memoirs

Ted Kennedy's memoirs, True Compass, will be published posthumously soon. The New York Times has taken a "sneaky peeky" at its contents and they are enticing. Kennedy:

-describes his actions around the Chappaquiddick accident as "inexcusable"

-says that he always accepted the findings of the official Warren Commission on his brother JFK's assassination.

-describes how his brother Bobbie came close to some sort of "tragedy" due to emotional problems following JFK's death.

-talks frankly of his own "self-destructive drinking"

-relates how John F Kennedy was close to embarking on a "non-military" solution to the Vietnam war when he died.

-says that his brother Bobbie offered President Johnson a deal which would have given Johnson a free ride to a second Presidential term if he gave Bobbie the authority to negotiate a peace treaty over Vietnam.

-describes his relationship with Jimmy Carter as "unhealthy" and says that Carter held an “inherently different view of America from mine.”

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