Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clarkson's pathetic remarks about female presenters

Ruby Wax once said to someone who described one of her on-screen habits: "I think you are confusing me with my act". Sometimes I wonder whether we are hearing from Jeremy Clarkson the man, or "Jeremy Clarkson" the act.

Why, for example, did he have to open his mouth about the concept of a female Top Gear presenter being a "disaster"? Wants a bit more publicity does he? Book coming out, maybe?

He says:

If a girl came in and we started taking the piss out of her it may look like bullying.

What planet is he living on? He's flattering himself, isn't he? Doesn't he realise that there are umpteen female presenters who would give as good as they get, and take as patronising the idea that mickey-taking had to be toned down for their benefit?

Would Clare Balding or Sandi Toksvig take any nonsense from the three cretins? And how about excellent presenters who have thrived on techy programmes with male presenters such as the superb Suzi Perry on the Gadget Show?

And if numpty Clarkson wants to witness female driving (travel) presenters giving as good as they get, he should listen to Sally Bosman and Lynn Bowles on Radio Two. They end equal on points with Terry Wogan and Johnnie Walker, that's for sure.

Oh, and by the way, there used to be a female Top Gear presenter long before Clarkson came along. Angela Rippon - I can imagine her giving any schoolboy mickey taking short shrift.

And 82% of Mail readers want a female presenter, so up yours Clarkson.

I can think of many men who wouldn't work on Top Gear by the way. This isn't a gender thing.

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