Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tories - Mary Whitehouse on speed?

I just wonder if the Tories are going to turn out to be micro-criticisers of the BBC, just like the late Mary Whitehouse. Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt:

...criticised the BBC's decision to pitch Strictly Come Dancing against ITV's The X Factor on the Saturday night peak time schedule.
"It was an extraordinary decision to disappoint thousands of licence fee payers," he commented. "There will be thousands of viewers who are very angry at that decision."

I am not comfortable with a shadow minister interfering in minor scheduling spats between the BBC and ITV. Had Jeremy Hunt considered that many families have been eagerly awaiting the return of Merlin and are delighted that it is on an earlier time than X Factor?

No - he hadn't thought of that, had he?

(Anyway, we've got the whole blinking lot (plus The Cube) on series link.)

Hunt also took a swipe at BBC3 and BBC4.

Speaking yesterday at the Royal Television Society's Cambridge Convention, Hunt said that the two channels cost a lot of money to support but actually deliver relatively low audience figures in return.

I see. So the BBC is putting on programmes on BBC3 and BBC4 that not many people watch. That's wrong. And they are putting on a programme on BBC1 at the peak hour on Saturday that is one of the most popular programmes on British TV. That's wrong as well.

Ah. Anybody spot the flaw in Hunt's arguments?.... Der.

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