Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Con-man" and Miriam's embarrassing straps

Ah! Glorious sort-of Indian summer! I could aactually just about feel some warmth from the sun today. As I read my Observer, lulled by the trickles from the Kennet and Avon Canal and seranaded by Testosterone-charged Big screen football fans, I could actually feel the pheromones surging through my veins as I read that the Cleggster has been berating the Camster for being a "con-man". Well done Cleggie. If you want evidence for that audacious charge - read through my blog posts for the last three and a bit years. But then again, don't. Unless you are suffering from chronic insomnia, that is.

I am not a fashion expert and I can feel a Lord Bonker's Diary piece coming on here. But straps, braces and suspenders are designed, are they not? - tell me if I am wrong - to keep things up. Otherwise they are useless. And if such straps, braces or suspenders are themselves falling down, they can't be doing a very good job of keeping up the thing they are employed to keep up.

So, by their falling down and needing to be hitched up again while being filmed by18 cameras, those straps of Miriam Gonzalez Durantez's half garment (yes - I am so much not a fashion expert that I struggle with differentiating between skirts, dresses and trousers) were something of, dare I say it, a minor bijou fashion errorette, were they not?

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