Saturday, December 27, 2008

Woolies: they're flogging the fixtures and fittings now

I wasn't intending to visit Woolworths this month. It seemed a bit of a ghoulish thing to do.

However, we had a bit of an emergency. We were going through some old note books on Chritsmas Day (as you do) and found a Woolworths gift voucher! Could we still cash it in? How much longer did we have? Would they be open tomorrow? Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!

Anyway, after wiping away the film of nervous sweat from one's brows, we successfully entered Woolworths Newbury first thing on Boxing Day. The gift voucher was still valid and, given the 'up to 60% sale', we were able to buy a very nice half price CD, which pleased us. There seemed to be lots of good bargains still there. The staff were mainly very young and all smiling, which is brave of them - bless them.

I was very taken by the sort of "fire sale" feel of the place, lent particularly by this display of Woolworths' own fixtures, furniture and equipment for sale at bargain basement prices:

Safe £300

Cage £50

Warehouse racking £15

Staff lockers £30

Warehouse shelving £20

Step ladders £20

Trolley £30

Filing Cabinet £20

Office swivel chair £10

Office chair £10

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