Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dr Jan van Strabismus Whom God Preserve of Utrecht and other curiosities

My cultural education is benefitting from avoiding the Steve Wright programme, on the way home from work, from 4.45pm to 5pm by switching to Radio Four.

I have an in-built aversion to Radio Four too - thinking it is generally as dry as a dry thing.

But I am gradually warming to the intelligent programmes of which I get a little burst while in Wright exile.

Last night there was a fascinating discussion chaired by Matthew Parris on his generally most fascinating Great Lives series. The programme was about Beachcomber (aka J.B.Morton). The blurb states:

Raymond Briggs chooses Beachcomber, the Daily Express columnist who inspired both Spike Milligan and Private Eye. Richard Ingrams and the current Beachcomber, William Hartston, join Matthew Parris for a lunatic half hour's celebration of Dr Smart-Allick, Mr Justice Cocklecarrot, and Dr Jan van Strabismus Whom God Preserve of Utrecht.

It really is worth listening to this discussion.

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