Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anton du Beke to take over from Brucie on Strictly

That's my prediction. Bruce Forsyth is a national treasure but I think he should be quietly reitired as co-presenter of Strictly Come Dancing. Last night's final demonstrated the retirement case. He got ratty with the floor manager for trying to speed him up. It wasn't funny. Then during the melee following the announcement of the winner, you could hear him shouting: "Oh my God - who was that?!" as someone bumped him.

And Bruce singing? Whose idea was that?

Don't get me wrong. Bruce Forsyth has an excellent singing voice. On a cold Wednesday evening at Butlin's Minehead, I'd be delighted to hear him singing "The Candy Man", although I may use it as the cue to get a refill from the bar.

But on peak national television? Give us a break. That's what killed Brucie's Big Night. He's excellent at game shows and the odd bit of comedy, but

Talking of which, allow me to introduce the real star of Strictly Come Dancing:

Tommy Blaize.

Who he? I hear you cry. He's the chap with the wonderful voice who sings most of the big numbers on Strictly. You hardly ever see him on screen, but he sings the songs beautifully. The man deserves to be a star. You can read about the whole Strictly Come Dancing band here.

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