Saturday, March 3, 2007

The trouble with Guiliani

That is the title of a story today, as I continue my handy digest of "wot I have read in the Guardian today". I was fascinated to read some criticism of Rudy's 9/11 record, something I thought was Unamerican:

The most excoriating analysis comes from Wayne Barrett, a senior editor at Village Voice, and Dan Collins in their book Grand Illusion. They argue that quite apart from being the hero of 9/11, which they call a myth, Mr Giuliani failed to prepare the city for a major attack, leaving it fatally exposed. They investigate the faulty radio systems which put firefighters' lives at risk, and decry Mr Giuliani's decision to place the city's emergency command post, which should have been where the rescue mission was coordinated, in the worst possible position: 23 floors up the World Trade Centre, which was already known to be a favoured terrorist target.

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