Monday, March 5, 2007

Levy allegedly, possibly, conceivably, potentially in the soup? Number Ten spin machine in overdrive?

The drip, drip, drip emergence of details about the Cash for peerages enquiry has developed a distinct couple of new themes this evening:

1) The latest revelations appear to potentially leave Lord Levy possibly, conceivably, arguably and/or allegedly in the soup


2) a theme is emerging of alleged animosity, tension, discord (call it what you like) between Number Ten and Lord Levy.

I wonder whether this is all the effect of the Number Ten spin-machine at its finest.

Firstly, I was alerted by Chris Paul to the fact that the "email" being discussed as the basis of the BBC/Goldsmith injunction is in fact a document, not an email, allegedly:

BBC Gag: Document is NOT an Email
by Chris Paul - It is a document drafted by Ruth Turner which concerns Lord Levy and which was intended for Ruth's boss Jonathon Powell. However, unlike an email it is not possible to know whether the document was sent, received or read. ...

The Guardian appears to confirm this , the Number Ten versus Lord Levy and Levy-in-alleged-soup themes about an hour ago:

Detectives are investigating whether Lord Levy, Labour's chief fundraiser, urged one of Tony Blair's most senior aides to shape the evidence she gave to Scotland Yard, the Guardian has learned.
Police have been investigating whether Ruth Turner, the prime minister's director of external relations, was being asked by Lord Levy to modify information that might have been of interest to the inquiry. Officers have been trying to piece together details of a meeting they had last year. Ms Turner gave an account of it to her lawyers and this has been passed to police.

The BBC confirms the themes thus:

No 10 aide Ruth Turner wrote the document for Jonathan Powell. The document which sparked a probe into an alleged Downing Street cover-up over cash for honours was written by Number 10 aide Ruth Turner.
It was written for Tony Blair's chief of staff Jonathan Powell, and concerned Labour's chief fundraiser Lord Levy.

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  1. Of course it's Levy.

    Process of elimination.

    Anyone not from the infamous Levy crime family wouldn't be powerful enough to nearly stop the wheels of justice from turning.