Saturday, March 17, 2007

The core of Obama

Hat tip to Dave Hill on Temperama for highlighting a very insightful piece about Barack Obama in the New Republic, called "The Agitator". Rather than me just re-quoting what Dave has quoted, have a look at his piece here.

What it tells us is that Obama is a real motivator and leader. A man of passion and real steel. I am bowled over by the chap, but I should declare an interest - I carry a link to his web site and I have a tenner on him with Stan James to win the Democratic nomination.

Then again, I also had a tenner on Black Jack Ketchum at the World Hurdle at Cheltenham on the advice of a colleague who said he was a dead cert and that he (my colleague) had inside information from a "higher source", dropping the name of Johnjo O'Neill nonchalantly into the conversation. There was much conspiratorial nose tapping.

Result? The third fence proved all too much for dear old Black Jack and he gave up the fight there and then. Bless him.

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