Friday, March 9, 2007

Conservatives get 0.5% of the vote

The Conservative party received 0.5% of the vote - that's just 3,457 out of 690,313 votes cast - in the Northern Ireland Assembly election.

...A storming endorsement for David Cameron.

But they say, they "doubled" their vote. "We're going in the right direction", they say.

At that rate, is it worth the effort?


  1. Did their vote go up by 0.3% of their own previous vote, or by 0.3% of the total vote? If it's the latter, then they have indeed more than doubled it.

  2. Their 2003 vote was 1604 and 0.2% of the vote, so they have indeed doubled it, well spotted Jonny

  3. That's clutching at straws a bit for Tory bashing...
    Its Northern Ireland, the political situation is so different, its surprising the Tories actually stand for election there.

    Its almost a seperate electoral system, most parties are restricted to NI.

  4. Tristan, you are so fair-minded, it is marvellous. It was the Tories themselves that abandoned their traditional sistership with the UUP and launched their own party with a big fanfare some years ago, so it is not really unfair to point out that, after that, they have hardly set the electoral world alight in Northern Ireland.

  5. This is rich coming from LibDems...why don't you do something about helping to normalise the political situation in NI by merging with the Alliance Party? The Conservatives are the only national Party that contests elections in NI. We only stood in 9 constituencies (of the total 18). So our share of the vote across all 9 was around 1% of the vote. In North Down it was around 1.5% of first preference votes. But we received almost ZERO media coverage - the BBC was almost hostile to us. Give us a break...we're non-sectarian and campaign on real issues. Surely NI needs more of that.

  6. "Give us a break...we're non-sectarian and campaign on real issues. Surely NI needs more of that."

    Agreed Jeff. Sorry. The Alliance are our official sister party in Northern Ireland and I am delighted with that.