Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What more does Ming have to do? Streak?

We had a Party Conference Broadcast this evening. The title was "Environment Action Now". It had a straight-forward narrative involving the floods in July. Ming appeared against that backdrop. He was in "animated mode". I know, the electrodes had been applied. Ha Ha. But I did find his words and body language reasonably arresting. What more does he have to do? Streak?

It was a nice touch to see Ming playing football with his gandsons at the end. You can watch the broadcast below this post.

Later on the Six O'Clock News, Nick Robinson put viewers' questions to Ming.

Nick started by reading an email question: "Ming Campbell's clearly a smart chap, can he not see that the country will not back a leader they feel sorry for?"

Ming appeared very assured and answered robustly that he had an agenda to take on Climate change, implement a fair tax policy, and improve citizens' rights, which have been whittled away by this government.

Nick said that a party colleague had described him (Ming) as a victim of "barely disguised ageism".

Ming replied that people are concerned about performance, judgement, fairness and experience.

Nick said "You used word "fair" - is it fair to increase the taxes of people earning a combined household income of £67,000?"

Ming answered that the UK average income is £24-25,000 so that people earning £70,000 are on 2.5 times average - "shouldn't they be asked to pay a little more? - If you are going to benefit 90% of the people you can't do it with smoke and mirrors"

Nick ended by asking if Ming faced a big challenge tomorrow.

Ming said that he intended to send LibDems home with a spring in their step and that he offered policies to change the face of Britain.

There's more here.


  1. Perhaps he could try and strip elegantly? I think there is a councillor in Devon who could give him some tips...

  2. As a starting point, Elspeth should burn that coat.

    It will surely go down in history with Michael Foot's "donkey jacket" (that wasn't) as the least photogenic outer garment in the history of Party Political Broadcasts.

  3. Poor Elspeth! She probably spends a fortune on these coats (remember "the coat of manay colours" when Ming was announced as leader?)