Monday, September 17, 2007

The Guardian wet themselves

The Lib Dem chief was centre stage doing a question-and-answer session with comedian Sandi Toksvig when the topic turned to prime minister's question time.

Sir Menzies protested that everyone gets nervous before such events. Sandi disagreed.

"Well, I must be a failure then," Sir Menzies retorted.

This has caused the Guardian and other organs to require a clean set of underwear, they are so excited.

Ahem. Any decent actor will tell you that the day you don't get nervous before going on stage is the day that you die on stage.

Of course, Sandi Toksvig doesn't get nervous before she goes "live". She is a daily broadcaster and basically opens a microphone and chirrups. "Rolling rowlocks" is the nautical expression to describe such broadcasting.

I realise that all the journos are looking for a noose to hang Ming with, but this isn't it.

PS. The Times has a different report of the conversation saying that Tosvig agreed that people get nervous before performances but added that Ming didn't make her feel nervous to which Ming replied "Well of course - I am a failure". Surely if the papers are going to have communual hysteria about a remark they ought to agree on what was actually said should they not?

UPDATE: It appeares The Times version was more accurate than the Guardian version quoted. I apologise to Ms Toksvig as it seems she does get nervous after all, as any pro does. I withdraw my "rolling rowlocks" allegation.


  1. But how many people, who aren't political activists, will actually read both Times and Guardian?

  2. To appropriate from Wodehouse, I spit me of the Guardian. I've been hanging on out of misplaced northern loyalty, but that bit of pack-following, vapid hackery has done it. Unbookmarked, debookmarked? Chucked out, anyway.