Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Real Tory party #9934 - a real corker

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
Almost everyday (indeed several times a day, sometimes) we are reminded that David Cameron seems to be very unsuccessful at taming the beast which is the Tory party.

At times it is ridiculous how he smarms his way around pretending to be "liberal" and progressive, while his party behave in the opposite way. The Daniel Hannan episode, and its subsequent revelations, was an excellent case in point.

Today there is another absolute corker.

You would have thought someone would have briefed Alan Scard. He is only the Chairman of the Association charged with finding a replacement for one of the most high profile casualties of the MPs' expenses scandal - Sir Peter "In the Duck House" Viggers.

But, oh no, he helpfully provides us with a real insight into the Tory party with this gem:

During the Channel 4 News interview, he was asked about David Cameron's push to get more women elected.
Mr Scard said: "If they are attractive, yeah, I would go for it.
"I know it's a sexist thing to say but you could get the blokes saying, 'Oh you know, I would vote for her because she's really attractive', but then the other women say 'Oh I don't like her, she's too attractive'."

He thought the interview was over, apparently. Perhaps all Tory party chairs should take lesson one in broadcasting, which is:

If you are near a microphone, assume it is live.

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