Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lockerbie bomber decision was right....and wrong

Caron's Musings has an excellent posting on the Megrahi case. I totally agree that compassionate release, based on the short prognosis from three doctors, is the right way to go. This sort of decision is a sign that we are a civilised country. I think that Hilary Clinton and the seven Senators who pleaded for Megrahi to die in jail might have had a leg to stand on if their own country didn't have 3297 people on Death Row at the last count.

But it is very interesting to read Caron's commentary on the way this decision has come about:

...boy have the SNP completely cocked this up. If he was in a room with a locked window and an open door, it seems like Kenny MacAskill would choose to go out the window. This is where I totally agree with Tavish Scott. MacAskill took his decision from the judicial to the political the moment he set foot in Greenock jail. No way should that ever have been allowed to happen. I can't imagine what on earth he was thinking. When do Ministers ever go and visit convicted murderers in jail? There was no need for that. All MacAskill needed to have was the report from Megrahi's doctors.

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