Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The majesty of Manchester

I'm spending a week in Manchester for various reasons - both business and pleasure.

On Saturday I had sufficient time to stroll around this august city and breathe in some of its history and architecture. Standing at the site of the Peterloo Massacre (right) was a particular, poignant, highlight.

I also enjoyed visiting the magnificient Museum of Science and Industry and the People's Museum. The latter is currently being hosted by the former, during refurbishment (of the latter).

For a namby pampby Southern wimp such as myself, it was wonderful to imbibe the majesty of Manchester's architecture and the grit and achievement of its history.

I took about a thousand pics with which I will not bore my reader. But here are just a handful which came out well:

A nice set of arches near St Peter's Square

The wonderful Manchester Town Hall. I was lucky enough to be able to sneak inside and enjoy its gothic splendour!

An example of Manchester's vibrant modern architecture.

The glorious Midland Hotel, at which my wife and I once stayed at the expense of Granada Television (a long story involving an appearance on a very short lived peak hour ITV game show. Do you remember "Perception" presented by Alison Holloway? Of course, you don't.).

My favourite. A building near the Midland Hotel which looks like a particularly neat cake.

Specially for @allanmknox , the banks of the Ribble near Clitheroe, Lancashire.

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