Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh go on then...

There is a disadvantage to going on a camping holiday to the most beautiful place on earth (Fowey, since you ask). Or perhaps I should rephrase that. There is a disadvantage as a Vodafone subscriber going on holiday to the.... One likes to keep up with the news. But with Vodafone, one finds oneself holding up one's phone just to get one bar for two minutes to surf the interweb thingey. Then you go into the local garage and the girl behind the counter says: "Oh no, you need Orange for Cornwall". And you go into the Fishing tackle shop and the bloke behind the counter says "Oh no, you need 3 here". And as you leave their premises you can hear their snorts of derision.."Another Emmet who thinks Vodafone will do in Cornwall".

This is by way of an extended apology for missing Jo Swinson's excellent article on "Real Women" on LibDem Voice. Jo has provided all the argument and links to evidence (mainly from GirlguidingUK) which I need to now wholeheartedly support the 'Real Women' proposal to "Protect children from body image pressure by preventing the use of altered and enhanced images in advertising aimed at under 16s, through changes to Advertising Standards Authority rules. We would work with industry regulators and professionals to find ways to ensure that children have access to more realistic portrayals of women (and men) in advertising."

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