Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SNP poser

Last week, I noticed SNP leader Alex Salmond standing next to deputy leader, Nicola Sturgeon.

I won't make the obvious cheap joke about these two, not least because there is a stubborn "d" preventing the dream joke. However, I do look forward to an appropriate posting from our own dear Fluffy Elephant.


  1. Not a comment on the pic because I haven't seen it but what's the point of the very annoying 'snap' thing that pops up whenever I point at a link on your blog? It doesn't seem to serve any useful purpose and when I attempt to use the 'options' facility to turn it off nought happens.

  2. I have switched "snap" off. I saw it on another Blog and it looked good, but very often it comes up with "loading link", which is a bit daft. Thank you for your feedback.