Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Newbury smelling of manure

There are not many tangible reminders of Newbury's agricultural past. So it was good to have one the other day, although it was not entirely tangible.

We came out of our house the other Sunday and inspected the bottoms of our shoes. There was a nasty smell about. A dog? But as we travelled around Newbury, the smell remained, despite there being nothing on the bottoms of our shoes. We checked several times.

Conclusion: a local farmer had been muck-spreading and the wind was in the right/wrong direction to spread the smell all over Newbury. Good for the farmer. It is good to have a reminder of Newbury's roots and the occupation of many people in the rural community around the hinterland of the town.


  1. Dog poo and manure smell very different. Are country bumpkins rare in Newbury?

  2. I am afraid my "nose" is not well enough developed to smell the difference. There are a few country bumpkins within Newbury, also quite a few hi-techies from various industries.