Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Tories proudly described past leaders' backgrounds- so why not Dave's?

If you look back at past Conservative leaders, we were told a lot about their backgrounds. Ted Heath - son of a carpenter, Grammar School boy. Maggie Thatcher - helped her Dad keep the books at his Grantham Grocer shop. John Major - his humble beginnings in Brixton which loomed large in his memoirs. We even got to hear about soldier Iain, Beer-delivering Willie and humble-beginnings Michael.

But our Dave Cameron says that his past before he went into politics should not concern us - he was a private person then.

So why did the Tories bleat about the young Ted, Maggie, John, Iain, Willie and Michael then?

Of course, the answer is obvious. You only have to look back at the last Conservative leader whose background caused him some difficulty. Sir Alec Douglas-Home. The phrase "grouse moor" hung around his neck like an Albatross.

So I agree with Jonathan Calder and Peter on Liberal Review. The "revelations" in the Mail on Sunday are pretty pathetic and unlikely to frighten any horses this side of Norman Tebbit.

But reminding people that Dave went to Eton will hurt him. Sooner or later his silence about his past will become deafening.

While I am at it, anyone want to look at some posh family furniture?

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