Sunday, January 28, 2007

Judge John Deed nearing its end, while Midsomer thrives

It is always nice to immerse oneself mindlessly in ITV dramas. My favourite is Midsomer Murders closely followed by Taggart and Heartbeat. Dear old Midsomer seems to go from strength to strength, year after year. The last two have been superb. Taggart too, continues to thrill. And I won't have a word said against Heartbeat.

Judge John Deed on the BBC has been an absolute corker of a programme. However, I think this series should be the last. It is getting very repetitive. These are the scenarios which get repeated over and over again ad nauseam:

  • John Deed defies the authorities and looks as though he will self-immolate himself, but at the last moment he wriggles out of the problem and emerges as a hero.

  • John Deed and Jo Mills have a terrific row

  • John Deed and Jo Mills make up with a terrific snog

  • John Deed and Jo Mills look as though they will get into trouble for sleeping together while working on the same case (surely this poor horse has been flogged sufficiently?)

  • John Deed and Jo Mills get away with it

  • Donald Sinden comes in like a Werther's original grandfather and snorts and grunts his way to help John Deed in the end, despite initial reluctance

  • The Home Secretary proves that he is very snotty (again) and, for some reason, lasts in office much longer than any Home Secretary since Peel the younger (check that Peel the younger actually was Home Secretary - Ed...and shurely it is "Pitt the Younger" anway?)

I am sorry, but there are only so many times flesh and blood can sit through these repetitive plotlines.

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