Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush's "Change the subject address"

If you want to know what is in George Bush's "State of the Union" speech tonight, this 26 page factsheet issued by the White House might give you some ideas.

You only have to scan it to understand why Congressional Quarterly's Craig Crawford has called it "Change the Subject Address". He adds that the Democrats have lined up an interesting choice to respond to Dubya:

Tonight’s State of the Union address might better be called Change the Subject. Advance word is that George W. Bush’s speech to Congress will downplay his Iraq strategy, which has Republicans tripping over each other as they race for daylight between themselves and their party’s president. Instead he will talk up energy policy, immigration and other domestic issues where he might find common ground with Democrats who now control Capitol Hill. Which means that the big news tonight could be made by newly-elected Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia. The fiercely anti-war Democratic maverick will deliver his party’s response to Bush’s address and the betting is that he might just go farther with the harsh rhetoric than some in his own party would like. If that happens, the White House would not get away with changing the subject from Iraq.

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  1. The word was he would also mention health reforms - aimed at reducing the cost of insurance (ie lowering tax on it) and reducing the employer's strangle hold on employees through insurance - which if it works will be a good thing.

    I haven't had a chance to see the reaction or content to this speech though.