Friday, September 15, 2006

Mr Dale pronounces on the Top 100 LibDem Blogs

Iain Dale has pronounced on the Top 100 LibDem blogs. He has judged them on "design; frequency of posting; writing ability; personality; comment; humour; range; interaction; popularity; independence of thought."

Blimey. He's been working hard if he had to go through 100+ Blogs and mark them on all that. Rather him than me.

In my humble opinion, Mr Dale has shown excellent judgment and laser-like insight in preparing this list. (Indeed, "laser-like insight" would be a good quote for his top banner but I doubt he would use a quote from pondlife like me). But then again, I would approve of his judgment, wouldn't I? (See list). There is nothing that keeps the blogosphere ticking over more than mutual back-slapping. Blogging is, to a certain extent, a modern version of "vanity publishing".


  1. I'm amazed and pleased to be ranked twelfth, but Millennium Dome in the seventies? Madness!

  2. Yes, Fluffy Heffalump deserves a Top 5 placing - perhaps he didn't read it properly or forgot to insert his irony chip when he did?

  3. My blog is there at 43rd which has totally taken my breath away as I wasn't sure anyone actually read my blog!!

    This lady in Cornwall is bemused but enthused and will be making a new concerted effort to keep my blog more up to date!