Monday, September 11, 2006

Cameron foreign policy mush - no wonder Ming is more trusted

I look forward to reading the text of David Cameron's speech on foreign policy. The spin so far released contains the normal 100% Cameron mush. He says there is a need for greater "humility and patience" in foreign policy-making.

Of course. Like he wants people to be happier as well.

Mush, mush. Put your wellies on. Squidge. Squidge.

I hope the full speech contains things like: "invading Iraq was wrong", "imprisoning detainees at Guantanemo was wrong", "Israel's use of disproportionate force on Lebanon was wrong" etc etc

I won't hold my breath. Ming Campbell has been saying these sorts of things clearly for years on foreign policy. In sharp contrast, Cameron's policy mush is perhaps one of the reasons less than half as many people trust him in comparison to Ming (see comment from Peter on Liberal Review).

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