Thursday, September 21, 2006

Iain Dale scrapes the barrel

Iain Dale had a posting entitled yesterday entitled: "Charles Kennedy Back as LibDem Leader According to LibDems Website"

You then follow the link provided and realise it links to the 2005 conference agenda still on

Iain then excuses this complete waste of space with: "PS Just my little joke - it's the 2005 agenda, which for some reason is still on the LibDems website!"

What he doesn't say is that the 2005 agenda for the Conservative party conference is still on as well, including the the announcement of the leader's speech by "The Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP".

So I find myself advising Iain: when you next find yourself a bit short of inspiration to fill up your five-a-day posting quota, just find a darkened room and lie down in it for 20 minutes. If you still feel the urge to post a non-story, try the old brown paper bag trick - breathe in, breathe out - slowly. It always works.

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