Thursday, May 18, 2006

Line of Beauty

After all the hype, I wanted to watch BBC2's "Line of Beauty" yesterday, if only to see if our licence fee is being used properly. Well, that's my excuse. It was generally entertaining but not rivetting. There was a lack of any "cliff hanger" at the end, save that Nick was dumped by Leo. Big deal.

However, the acting was superb. I am great fan of Tim McInnerny, ever since his hilarious apperances on "Blackadder". My wife and I are great fans of "55 Degrees North" and Don Gilet did a great job. Dan Stevens was superb as the lead. Floella Benjamin was hilarious as Leo's Christian mother.

But I was left feeling that the high spot of the piece was Catherine the self-harmer and her close relationship with the gay Nick, heightened by his administering some emergency first aid while the rest of the family were in France. Somehow I think the BBC wanted me to be impressed by other features of the drama (e.g sex in the bushes and frolics at High Tory parties), but I wasn't.

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