Friday, March 6, 2009

Well done Trinity School!

A very exciting night last night. Nine schools from across the South competed in the Rock Challenge at a packed Southampton Guildhall (quite a venue to perform at if you are just 11 years old!).

The Rock Challenge is an international idea, introduced into this country by Hampshire Police to try to shift kids' minds from drifting towards drugs and alcohol and towards more positive things. Each school devises and performs an eight minute dance tableaux.

All the dances last night were fantastic and lots of awards were given to all the teams. I'm delighted to say that Trinity School, Newbury came second overall for the evening. They performed a fantastic "World at War" sequence full of period 1940s costumes, Neville Chamberlain/Churchill clips, Glen Miller, Vera Lynn etc etc. Can you fit the story of the Second World War into 8 minutes? Well they managed it very well!! It was a mind-blowingly exciting production which also got the evening's awards for drama, choreography, lighting design and most popular production from amongst all the students performing.

So well done Trinity School - an absolutely brilliant performance!

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