Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brown and Miliband get the GMTV soft sofa treatment

If I manage to get to the switch first, we watch BBC Breakfast as we get dressed in the morning. Most of the time I don't get there first and we have GMTV on, courtesy of her nibs.

It gives me a fascinating glimpse actually.

There's Fiona simpering away and Andrew trying to look authoritative.

There seems to have been a government schmooze offensive this week. Gordon Brown was on the sofa on Monday morning. He was actually quite good. He didn't try to put on his manufactured smile but managed to be relaxed as well as serious, when needed.

Then this morning we had David Miliband telling us about the government carbon footprint calculator site (which takes an age to load). The interview started with a classic GMTV softball exchange, almost of a parody of such, in fact:

Andrew Castle (to Miliband): Can I put my cynical head on?

David Miliband: No

Andrew Castle: Oh alright then...isn't this carbon calculator a great idea?


  1. It is really good move by BBC to take government school offense. I really thanks to GMTV.


  2. Gardon Brown was stated in govt carbon footprint is very comfortable of GMTV and satisfied about this product,BBC is really great helpful to us.