Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rain, Panama hats and hot stairways

With every passing day of hot, clammy weather I have become more and more like Test Cricket umpire Steve Bucknor. I move very, very slowly.

Today's downpour was such a relief! I don't think I have ever greeted rain with such enthusiasm.

I bought a Panama hat a few weeks ago. I needed it to do an impression of Hercule Poirot at Newbury Carnival. It then came in handy for my visit to Lord's for the joyous first day of the first test against Pakistan.

Since then it has been an absolute Godsend. When you are like me and have to pay a search fee to the barber, protecting one's bonce from the sun is all-important.

This morning was a classic. I did one of my dawn raids on the tradesmen's bells of Newbury to deliver leaflets. While the air outside was cool, the air in the stairways of the blocks of flats was terribly warm and close. So much so that I had to take the unusual step of having cold showers between bundles!

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