Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cameron failing to recruit more women in winnable seats

There seems to be quite a bit of light-headed euphoria in the Tory blogosphere over an "A lister" being chosen for Folkestone and Hythe and other winnable seats.

The sub-text is: "The media said that the A list system wouldn't work and local associations would choose their own candidates in defiance of D.Cameron....but they've been proved wrong....look at all these thrusting new A listers who have been,na,na,na,na!"

There is, however, a slight bijou problemette. I thought one of the main reasons for the A list was to select more women for winnable seats. However, of the ten winnable seats selected so far, only two of the candidates selected have been women.

Apparently, there is a bit of a pattern emerging. The associations shortlist two women and one man and then, after much deliberation, they select the token man. Fascinating.

Oh, and in addition to those problems, there are also accusations flying around that the A list system is "ageist". See this from Conservative Home.

There is a full list of candidates selected since the A list here.


  1. I wouldn't be too triumphalist. The Lib Dems are missing their own gender balance targets by a mile and the party at the top has been blocking the Gender Balance Task Force from appointing a new administrator for six months now, despite a conference resolution to resource the GBTF adequately last year.

    At least Cameron is doing something.

  2. Of course, James. Thank you for your comment.