Thursday, November 23, 2006

Diary fodder: Former and present Reading Labour MPs

How remarkable that Reading has provided more than its fair share of fodder for chortling and Diary columns, via Martin Salter MP for Reading West and Jane Griffiths, former MP for Reading East!

Both have been regulars of the Guardian Diary.

Yesterday we were treated to another Salter Classic (my asterisks):

Overheard, waiting to board the 8.34 from Reading to Paddington on Tuesday morning, the perennially potty-mouther Labour member for Reading West, Martin Salter, responding with characteristic politesse to a constituent who rashly tried to introduce himself: "Don't shout at me like I'm in a f**king supermarket. Show some f**king manners!" Good man.

In the other corner, even though Ms Griffiths has long departed the Westminster corridors, I was delighted to alight, en passant, on her blog. It seems that the multi-lingual rat-fancying former MP still has an obvious ardent passion for Mr Salter.

She reports a resident saying of Mr Salter: "We'd have liked to see our MP, we don't see very much of him." In another posting, she accuses Martin Salter of "political ineptitude of the first order" in "voting" for the LibDems at the recent Tilehurst by-election (I thought he lived in Theale?)

All good clean fun!

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